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Our Customer Blog is here to provide value to our readers, so check back often for updates on new Ford vehicles, special offers, maintenance tips, finance advice, and community news. We’re more than just a dealership, we’re a proud part of Cambridge— thanks for spending some time with us.



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Why We Love Cambridge

Why do we love Cambridge? That’s a loaded question, but there are plenty of reasons that we were
drawn to this area and choose to stay, work, and play here. From the exciting population...

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Sorry, Not Sorry: The F-150 Beats the Tundra Hands Down


When it comes to full-size pickup trucks, the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra are two of the most popular trucks 
out there. Ford updated the F-150 for 2018, giving it new engine options, style updates...

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Leasing the Transit for Business

Companies of all sizes need the right vehicles and equipment to grow and be successful. When you’re looking
to invest money int even a small fleet of 2 – 3 commercial vehicles for your landscaping company...

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5 Myths About Servicing Your Vehicle at a Dealership

The fact is that you can have your vehicle serviced just about anywhere. There are countless service centres
and independent garages in the Cambridge area, but not all service centres are created equal...

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Winter Tires from the Owner's Point of View

By: Kevin Zimic, Owner of Ridgehill Ford


So, I’m going to go ahead and say something that may not be popular with my colleagues:
you don’t necessarily need a vehicle with all-wheel drive to conquer Cambridge winters...

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