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5 Myths About Servicing Your Vehicle at a Dealership

The fact is that you can have your vehicle serviced just about anywhere. There are countless service centres and independent garages in the Cambridge area, but not all service centres are created equal. We’re proud of our service team and know that they provide top-notch results for a reasonable price. Still, there are some myths that linger about having vehicles serviced and maintained at a dealership. In this blog we debunk the Top 5 Myths about having your vehicle repaired and serviced at a dealership.

1. Dealerships Only Service Vehicles They Sell

Here at Ridgehill Ford, our technicians repair and service virtually all makes and models of vehicles, whether you purchased with us or not. If you got a good deal on a car, truck, or SUV at another dealership, that’s great for you. A bargain is a bargain. You can still have your vehicle, no matter the make or model, repaired and maintained by our expert service team.

2. Independent Repair Shops Are Always Cheaper Than a Dealership

That’s not always the case. Generally speaking, independent garages and service centres pay less for labour, which brings their costs down. The first question you have to ask is, “Are you getting the best service possible?” Secondly, the parts being used by the independent service centre may be generic and of a lesser quality than what the dealership uses, even though they often charge the same for parts.

“Bear in mind that labour isn't the only cost for service and maintenance. All repair shops charge retail prices for the parts they install, and some mark them up more than others. In addition, a dealer may be required to use factory original-equipment parts that are more expensive than aftermarket parts that an independent shop uses.” - Cars.com

3. New Vehicles Don’t Really Need to be Maintained and Serviced

As long as there are automobiles, they will need to be maintained and repaired. There are thousands of mechanical parts in any vehicle, and each of those parts needs to be maintained to ensure they are in good working order. New vehicles still use filters, engine oil, tires, and other parts and products that wear and will need to be replaced at some point.

4. You Should Have Your Oil Changed Every 4,800 km (3,000 miles)

This is a myth that has lived on for years, but it’s too vague to be accurate. Every vehicle is different, so your best bet it to check your manual or contact our service team. We can give you the right information, so you’re not left guessing about oil changes or other common maintenance.

5. Technicians Will Try to Convince Me to Have More Work Done Than I Need

Our service team is dedicated to ensuring you drive away in a safe, reliable vehicle. We want you to be happy and come back to our service department again and again. Dealerships often supply customers with surveys that go straight to the manufacturer and these surveys are taken incredibly seriously. We’ll only sell you the parts and services you need, and thanks to the customer surveys, you can also give your honest feedback on your experience in our service department.
Did you believe any of these myths before reading our blog? If so, we hope we helped convince you that having your vehicle maintained and repaired in our service department is the right way to go. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our service team anytime.



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