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Leasing the Transit for Business

Companies of all sizes need the right vehicles and equipment to grow and be successful. When you’re looking to invest money into even a small fleet of 2 – 3 commercial vehicles for your landscaping company, the question of leasing vs. financing is inevitably going to come up. It’s an important decision that can really affect your company’s bottom line.

Small and medium-sized business owners and fleet managers don’t always realize the benefits that come with leasing commercial vehicles compared to buying them. We want to ensure you’re making the right decision for your business, and that’s why we broke down some of the major benefits to leasing your commercial fleet.


Preserve Cash Flow


When you lease your fleet of commercial vehicles you’re going to have to commit to a much smaller upfront investment compared to financing your vans and trucks. This means your company will have cash-on-hand or a clear credit line for a rainy day or you can put that cash toward other areas of your business operations.

“A well-written lease agreement reduces fleet costs to a monthly operating expense, while keeping credit lines clear and cash on hand to reinvest in the company.” - Gary Scanlon, Fleet Financials

Grow With Your Business


A lease doesn’t lock you into long-term payments and guarantees you a chance to move up to a more capable vehicle at the end of the term. Let’s face it, your company’s needs today are going to likely be different than your company’s needs in five years. By leasing a vehicle for a reasonable term, you’re giving yourself a chance to update your fleet every few years.

As an example, your small delivery company may only need a few Ford Transit Connects to suit your business goals right now, but in a few years you could need larger vehicle so you can deliver more and bigger parcels and packages. So, at the end of the lease on your Ford Transit Connect fleet, you can bring them back and move up to full-size Ford Transit cargo vans or other commercial options.

If you were to finance your fleet of Transit Connects, once they are paid off you’ll have to trade them in or sell them privately before you’ll be able to upgrade your fleet. Leasing your fleet eliminates this hassle, saving you time and frustration.

No Extra Costs

Compared to a standard consumer lease, a commercial lease eliminates a lot of the potential extra costs and penalties that could come at the end of a consumer lease. We have lease programs through Ford that offer no kilometre restrictions or penalties and no charges for excess wear and tear. This is especially important for contractors, landscapers, and other tradespeople that may put a few dings and scratches on their truck. We understand—it comes with the territory.

When you don’t have to worry about potential costs at the end of the lease you can focus on what’s important: managing your fleet. With a Ford commercial lease there are no upfront acquisition costs or administrative fees. Even upfits to the vehicles you’re leasing can be residualized.

Our commercial consultants can help you decide if leasing is the right decision for your business. Contact them today—they’re happy to sit down and talk to you about your business needs and plans for the future. From there they’ll find the right lease of finance solution specifically for your company.


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