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Why We Love Cambridge

Why do we love Cambridge? That’s a loaded question, but there are plenty of reasons why we were drawn to this area and choose to stay, work, and play here. From the exciting population, ethnic diversity, technology triangle, and robust economy, we love to brag about our home.

Technology in Cambridge and the Waterloo Region


We’re not kidding - there’s a great deal of impressive technology and innovation coming out of our area. One of Waterloo’s key sectors is technology and we find it incredibly exciting. Our vehicles are full of onboard technology that has been developed by an impressive number of individuals, some of whom even call this region home.

Companies such as Google have offices in the region, and others such as OpenText and KiK messenger were founded here. They have become worldwide success stories. Thanks to the University of Waterloo, our area is full of exciting startups that have both succeeded and are just beginning. Many internationally-acclaimed companies have started right here, thanks to hard-working students and their startup dreams.

The Culture of Cambridge


One of the things that we value the most about our community is the people who are a part of it. The people that we encounter are the types of people who hold the door open for the folks behind them and have smiles on their faces. We’re always happy to see customers and friends alike around town.

Because of the university, industry, and economy, people from all over the world flock to our humble region. The diversity of culture, food, neighbours, and industry is a pleasure to be a part of. Not to mention, it makes for some delicious dining opportunities!

Cambridge is home to a fantastic scene; you’ll find art galleries, museums, parks, and more. The Cambridge Centre for the Arts is home to workshops, classes, and special events. You can take part in pottery classes, rent space for events, and even attend art shows featuring local artists. We’re always eager to see what’s being created in our community.

What Else Will I Find?

Cambridge isn’t just home to arts, culture, and technology. We’re also proud of our local attractions. Some of our favourites are listed below — don’t be surprised if you spot one of us out-and-about:

Chicopee Ski Club

Not just for fans of the snow, Chicopee is open year-round with fun activities for all. You can hit the slopes in the winter, or send the kids here for March break camps. During the summer they host summer camps, have biking trails, as well as some unique sports such as beach volleyball and disc golf. Be prepared to have fun!

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The Fire Hall Museum and Education Centre

While still technically a museum, the Fire Hall Museum and Education Centre is a unique adventure for any family. Located in Old Galt, you can gain a better understanding of fire hall history through their historical database, on-site classic fire engines, the Doug Johnston Fire Library, and more. On your way there, you’ll spot gorgeous architecture from the past and pass by some excellent coffee shops.

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Dumfries Conservation Area

Whether you need some time to take a breath and relax, walk the dog, or take the family for an outdoor adventure, Dumfries is a great choice. In the centre of Cambridge, you’ll find trails that cross wetlands, breathtaking forests, and other kind residents of Cambridge. During the first weekend in June, DCA is also home to the annual Dumfries Kite Festival; a true sight to behold.

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Whatever you seek, look in Cambridge and you shall find. We’re proud to call this fine city our home. From events, attractions, tech, and more, we feel fortunate to be surrounded by amazing customers and residents alike. If you have any questions about our involvement in the community, feel free to reach out. We’d love to chat.

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