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What is Power Steering and Why does it need Service?

Power Steering is a hydraulic system that amplifies force applied at the steering wheel into each of the steered wheels touching the road. As the drivers steering wheel is turned, the steering column rotates to activate the power steering pump that applies pressure to the rack & pinion or steering gearbox. In short, Power Steering can be defined as a steering assistant that helps you turn a vehicle weighing several thousands of pounds using only a few pounds of input force at the steering wheel. Without Power Steering, the strongest muscle-bound humans would struggle to steer even the smallest car. Like a needed brake system fluid exchange without adequate fluid the average person shouldnt even try to drive a vehicle because of the safety risk. If you start developing a Power Steering System problem, the best way to fix the issue is with Power Steering System Flush, Fluid Exchange, and Conditioning Service at Ridgehill Ford.

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Signs that my vehicle needs Power Steering System Flush, Fluid Exchange, and Conditioning

The warning signs associated with faulty Power Steering are performance related. When a car or truck begins developing a Power Steering issue, the problem will always get worse over time with associated symptoms. You should know that fixing any of the symptoms is convenient and hassle-free at Ridgehill Ford Service Center. Here are several warning signs telling you to schedule a Power Steering Service:

  • Noise when rotating the steering wheel
  • Feels more difficult or is impossible to turn the steering wheel
  • Power steering fluid level is low
  • Fluid Leaks

Always Check Power Steering Fluid Levels Monthly

Power Steering Fluid is vital for Power Steering System performance. More often than not, a problem with Power Steering Fluid usually includes low fluid in the reservoir that needs topping off. Given the extreme consequences of running low on Power Steering Fluid, it is a wise decision to make sure that your vehicle has enough Power Steering Fluid. If the Power Steering Fluid drops too low, the power steering pump that is connected to the drive belt can seize up. If this leads to the drive belt breaking, your vehicle will not move. By Checking and topping off the Power Steering Fluid monthly, you can almost guarantee that your vehicle will never fall victim to low Power Steering Fluid. However, any other symptoms beyond low fluid level related to poor Power Steering System Performance will require service by a skilled technician.

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