Ridgehill Ford


Ridgehill Ford Tire Center


Ford Tire Center in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

At Ridgehill Ford, we operate a Ford Tire Center ready to handle all of your Ford’s tire needs. Every tire service that we provide meets the strict quality assurance standards Ford has embraced as an automotive industry leader for over 100 years. Our Ford Tire Center is conveniently located in Cambridge near Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph.



Tire Services

 Tire Sales


Tire Sales


We carry a large inventory of tires manufactured by all of the famous tire brands in every style and size, so our customers can select the perfect tire for their vehicle and driving preferences. We can also mount new tires according to factory specifications.





 Tire Inspection


Inspection, Tread Depth & Inflation Check


An expert service technician inspects each tire for excessive wear or damages compromising performance and safety. We measure the tread depth to determine the tires’ remaining life and can replace any faulty tires quickly and conveniently. We check the air pressure and adjust the inflation as needed to secure factory specifications.




 Tire Rotation Service



Tire Rotation


During this service, the certified technician moves each wheel-tire assembly to a different position to help offset rapid and uneven tire tread wear.





 Tire Balancing Service


Tire Balancing


We use specialized wheel balancing equipment to ensure the weight is evenly distributed across the wheel-tire assemblies.





 Tire Patch & Repair Service


Tire Patch & Repair


We use a certified service protocol to plug and patch small tire punctures measuring less than a ¼ of an inch in diameter located on the center tire tread and not on the sidewall.





 Alignment Service



Two & Four-Wheel Alignment


For alignment service, we use computerized wheel alignment equipment to inspect and reset wheel angles to factory specifications.





 Tire Pressure Service


Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Newer-model Ford vehicles outfitted with the electronic Tire Pressure Monitoring System benefit from routine inspections to ensure the sensor is functioning properly sending accurate pressure readings to the control unit. If a TPMS sensor goes bad, we can replace it quickly and conveniently with a new Ford OEM Part from our Parts Center.




Ridgehill Ford Tire Center Sales & Service

At Ridgehill Ford, our Ford Tire Center is a world-class operation ready to handle any tire-related need that your Ford might have throughout its life. From inspection through replacement, we boast a full lineup of genuine Ford tire services perfect for your Ford car, truck, van, or SUV.

Ridgehill Ford Amenities

  • Served the Community For Over 38 Years
  • Collision Centre On-site
  • Employ Solvent-free, Environmentally-Friendly Processes
  • State-of-the-art Customer Lounge
  • Laptop Bar
  • Complimentary Wi-fi
  • Flat Screen Television Monitors Streaming Custom Content
  • Complimentary Beverages

Ridgehill Ford amenities Service & Parts Special Cambridge Ontario

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Business hours

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Parts

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