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Ford Tire Patch & Repair Service

Why Is It Important to Have a Tire Patch and Repair Service?

You may have noticed something is wrong with the tires of your truck or car. The pressure is low or the tire seems flat. The (TPMS)Tire Pressure Monitoring System light is on, or the vehicle doesn't quite drive right. You may need tire repair services. The location of the puncture can be helpful to determine if a patch will work. Punctures or tears on the shoulder or sidewall can cause more serious internal damage and the tire may need to be replaced.

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The Tire Inspection Process

A trained technician that knows your vehicle well can help you determine if a patch is necessary or if a full tire replacement is a solution. Checking for rim damage, locating the leak, patching and inflating to factory recommended pressure as part of the service, will make sure you are driving with proper functioning tires.


Noticing there is an Issue with your Tires

If the issue is not addressed, it can be a hazard to drive your vehicle. Getting an inspection can save time and money and it may be able to be repaired. The simplest solution might be a patch and tire plug, which also is the most cost-effective measure. Addressing the tire damage early on is not only safer but can save your wheel. A leaking tire valve that may need to be replaced, which can be a relatively simple fix. Inspecting the tire and wheel for leaks and damage is the best way to address any issues you may experience.


Consequences of not having Patch and Repair Service

If you keep riding on a damaged tire, it can lead to additional (and more costly) rim damage and repairs, so it's best to have your tires examined at the first sign of trouble. Having a blowout and associated costs are what most people will like to avoid. In addition to the costs of new tires, the wheel can be damaged. It is a safety hazard as well if a wheel malfunction.


Why should I have the work done at Ridgehill Ford?

Give us a call or stop into the Ridgehill Ford service center of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, serving the community for over 38 yrs. Also serving Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph. On your visit enjoy our complimentary customer lounge. Our trained technicians can assess whatever your auto repair needs are for Ford vehicles including SUVs and trucks. Repairing tires that are damaged is crucial to keep your vehicle safe and driving at peak performance.

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